Commercial Voiceovers

You want a video that's cutting edge.  You need a video that compels and drives.  You deserve a video that has the best narration.

Joshua Alexander is a cutting edge, compelling, driving voiceover artist with excellent narration.  From the low growl of the Cadillac videos, to the breathy whisper of Discover Long Island, to the compelling you-can-do-it delivery for Nutrisystem...Joshua has a full range and a broad suite of delivery styles to connect with your listeners and viewers.

Joshua has specialized in Commercial Voiceovers since 1993, and loves any opportunity that comes his way to become a brand ambassador for you.

Many clients have trusted Joshua for their Commercial Videos, such as:

  • 4Ocean
  • Wrangler
  • Cadillac
  • John Deere
  • Sears
  • Uber
  • Unicef
  • Discover Long Island

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